Sunday 3 April 2011

Rain & Chickens don't mix

This weekend turned out to be 2 days of opposite weather, Saturday was dry and sunny so a trip to the Allotment was a dream, got some Manure dug into the Asparagus bed as we are awaiting a mail order of 12 crowns.

Plus, just look at the Rhubarb it has shot up since last Sunday, so had to take our 1st harvest of the year, as shown below.

Also harvested some leaves for the Chickens, Kale, Nettles & Broccoli, they really love greens.

We had this Rhubarb on Sunday stewed then finished off with a flapjack type of topping and baked in the oven, a bit of a family favorite.

But Sunday was a different story, really wanted to get my Charlotte Potatoes in but rain, rain, rain on & off all day stopped me.

The Chickens weren't happy either, their run was more of a mud bath so they couldn't dust bathe, so we gave them a treat of Meal worms they really love them, another favorite is Super Mix Corn, they can polish off a handful in seconds.

But we have realised they need more space so I am designing an extension of the run already, only 2 weeks since arriving !

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Smashing looking rhubarb - ours is barely out the ground yet.