Sunday 28 August 2016

Summer Allotment news and Chicken news too.

In the greenhouse our Peppers are doing well, these Hungarian Hot Wax ones are cropping well, we entered one in a local 'Show your own' show and came 3rd in the 'any other veg' category.
This end of the plot looks overgrown, but in fact its the pond, where we have lots of Frogs living, so we don't want to disturb them. 
But the Purple Bean tower is still producing lots of beans. 
Our Cox's Orange Pippin apples are looking so good, the trees are laden with fruit. 
We wont harvest just yet, as they need to get bigger & sweeter.
1st test dig of the Cara potatoes and they are fine, no sign of any damage/disease, well they are quite resistant to most things. 
They are very tasty too as jackets & chips. 
The Sweetcorn is ripening well, the dwarf variety we grew has been attacked, by Squirrels we think,  see below to see what we did harvest. 
I'm calling this our award winning bean tower, the Borlotti Beans. 
I entered 6 beans into the 'Show your own' show and we got 1st, we also got 2nd place for our Raspberries, a Vase of Flowers & Blackcurrant Jelly, a good result all round.
As I've now dug up a row of Charlotte potatoes, we have sown a row of Lettuce as the weather is still warm, they will grow quick and it fills up an empty space too.
Today's Harvest: 
& Sweet Peas too. 
Oh and a bag full of mixed beans: 
Yellow & Green Climbing French Beans 
& Purple Beans.

There is some rainbow Chard in there too

So after a dull start the sun came out and it was a lovely day to do all that harvesting, digging & weeding. We also pruned back the early Raspberries and tidied them up. 

Oh and the Chicken news, click on the video below: 

Thanks for reading/returning. Jo & Ian

Sunday 21 August 2016

What do we find on our return from Holiday ...................

Back from our holiday in Vancouver, Canada. 

So only harvesting today, but can you see the bee in this Squash flower ? 
Its lovely to still see them buzzing around.
Today's Harvest: 
Purple Beans,
& Runner Beans.

More harvesting: 
Rainbow Chard, 
& a Marrow! (overgrown Courgette).
We also dug up some Harlequin & Charlotte potatoes for dinner.
Another overgrown Courgette, about the size of a football! 

So will feed this to our Hens, cut up of course.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.