Sunday 24 April 2011

Perfect Easter Sunday for planting

What a lovely sunny Sunday and lots to do.

Main job to do, plant my Main Crop Potatoes.

1st of all I had to do a bit of weeding as Ground Elder & Bind Weed comes onto our plot from next door and I didn't want these to spoil my Potato patch.

This year I am trying 'Markies' for my main crop, discovered these by searching through seed catalogs, as we have suffered from diseases in the past, mainly Blight!

'Markies' seems to be highly resistant and has good taste, especially for Chips and is reported as being the new 'Chippies favorite' lets wait and see.

More info here:

As you can see from the photo above, they have 'chitted' well (since Feb 9th) and are ready to go in.

I prepared the trench similar to 1st & 2nd earlies, except mains have to be 30" (75cm) between each trench and the seed potatoes need to be 15" (38cm) apart along the trench bottom.
I add a handful of 'Chicken Pellets' onto the soil dug out so when back filling the pellets mix well on top of the tubers so when watered (by me or rain) this gives the growing tubers a boost.

So a couple of hours later (a break was had in between, a picnic lunch) 77 potatoes, 11 in each trench (7) were planted and covered up.

Other jobs done:
Planted Broccoli and Cauliflower after raking smooth & firming the soil and adding Lime, as they prefer this soil management, oh & more Peas.

So as you can see from this high level shot (I was standing on a pile of pallets, waiting to be a new fence) everything is taking shape, still lots to put in;
Sweetcorn, Peas, Mange Tout, Beans, Squash, Courgettes, Beetroot & Flowers plus much more :)

Chicken news:
The chooks are doing well and dust bathing a lot now it's so warm in the afternoon.
Had a few soft shell eggs, but found out this can be due to warm weather as they pant a lot more because they cant sweat, this lessens the carbon in the body needed for shell production, so nothing to worry about (yet).
But they are eating a lot of greens, from the Allotment, weeds as well, this makes lovely golden yellow yolks.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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