Sunday 27 March 2011

Potatoes are in, a planters guide for 1st earlies

Today is Potato planting day, the Anya (an early salad type) & Hunter (2nd early) have been 'Chitting' since late January and were desperate to go in.

First I marked out the first row, 24" (60cm) from the boundary, next I dug a narrow trench about 6" deep along the string.

I then sprinkled a good handful of Chicken Pellets onto the soil dug out, so when raked back over mixes in with the soil.

Each Potato tuber placed in the bottom of the trench is 12" (30cm) apart along the trench, each trench 24" (60cm) between, this is the best spacing for early varieties.
Main crop should be 15" (38cm) apart in trenches 30" (75cm) between.

When each trench has been planted, using a rake, carefully draw back the soil over the potatoes from both sides, leaving a mound of soil the length of the trench, I gently tamp down the top of each ridge, with the back of the rake, to give a flat not peaked top, so when it rains, rain soaks into the soil not runs off.

Other jobs done today on the plot:
Planted Carrots 'Early Nantes' & 'Sugarsnax' under the net tunnel in picture and a row of Parsnips.
Harvested last of last years Parsnips too.

Oh and yet another Bonfire, the Potash from previous bonfires was raked over the area earmarked for Peas & Beans, a free source of soil improver :)

Chickens at Home News:

Even though we do a daily quick clean in the Hen House, today a week after our Chickens were released from their Battery existence, we did a full clean out, so when we finished our Hens had to inspect, but were soon out again to enjoy a treat of Kale harvested from the Allotment.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. All looking good! I seem to struggle with spuds, they never grow up through the ridge, instead seem to wiggle around and sprout out the sides etc which gives my rows a very messy look... I'm going to be better this year though, I hope! :)

  2. Paul and Melanie, thanks for reading my Blog & I also have some spuds sprouting through the sides, but I think it's because they are planted too deep, and are searching out for the nearest light, from the sides. I have light sandy soil and plant about 6" deep, if you have heavy/clay soil plant a little shallower, maybe 4-5" deep.
    Good luck this year. Ian

  3. Hi Ian, You mention the ash from the bonfire, is this good to use on fruit bushes as well? I ahev asked a few people and they didn't seem to know. I have a had huge bonfire in the last few days and was wondering what to do with the ash.

    As you can see I am trying hard to get things going in the veg patch.

  4. Dear Richard, thanks for reading my Blog and yes by all means put bonfire ash around your fruit bushes, 'pot ash' is particularly good for fruit production.