Monday 11 April 2011

Perfect Sunday for planting & weeding

What a perfect sunny day yesterday, so we planted Broad Beans and the Asparagus in the bed I had prepared over the last few weeks.

Scattered some assorted flower seeds around too, Cornflowers & Nigella to name but two.

I managed to do some more weeding
of the Pea & Bean patch prior to adding Manure then Rotovating, don't know why but had to remove lots of grass, obviously self seeded :(

But already the 'Hunter' 2nd early Potatoes are coming through, only 2 weeks since planting, But strangely none of the Anya's planted same day have shown.

I checked the Hunter spuds again today (Monday) and 6 are now showing :)

But as you can see was a lovely blue sky, to the right of the picture you can see the Asparagus bed, finally our order arrived so I soaked the crowns (12) while I prepared the bed to the instructions supplied, in a trench 6" deep, 8" wide with a ridge down the centre of each trench for the crown roots to settle on, back filled lightly, so not to damage the delicate roots, saving some soil to top up as the shoots grow.

I was so surprised when checking on Monday (today) that some of the Asparagus has started to grow already, obviously the manure & chicken pellets I added to soil had worked it's magic.

The variety we are growing is:
Asparagus 'Stewarts Purple'

Chicken News:
Finally the chicken run extension is finished, we will let them into it tomorrow (Tuesday).
The lid, you can see is in two sections, which can be lowered separately, so we can easy get into the run for cleaning etc.

Cant believe we have had them 3 weeks already, they are getting so cheeky now & need the extra space.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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