Wednesday 6 April 2011

2nd Early Potatoes in today

Well the weather forecast was correct, for a change, was warmer and dry too, so an ideal day to plant my 2nd early Potatoes 'Charlotte' I also put an extra row of 'Rocket' in too (1st early).

Usual spacing 12" apart in rows 24" between.

That just leaves the 'Markies' main crop to plant in about 2 weeks time.

Other jobs done today:
Weeded the patch set aside for Peas & Beans, will manure & Rotovate soon too.

Checked the Rhubarb, which has suffered from thefts in past years, but looking healthy and untouched too :)

Also had a Bonfire, some have told me that Bonfires are not allowed on their Allotments, cant understand why as the Pot Ash produced from a bonfire fueled by wood & dry weeds etc is a perfect & free soil improver.

I don't think I would like an Allotment on a site that bans Bonfires :(

Chicken news:

The cheeky four, Hetty, Betty, Peggy & Maud are doing well, looking so much better only 2.5 weeks since release.

Here you can see them polishing off a favorite treat, Super Mix Corn from the Small Holder range of feeds.
They really love this & we try to give them a handful daily if poss.

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian

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