Monday 2 January 2017

New Year & last years stats

Well its now 2017 & we've had a wonderful Christmas. Plenty of veg still to harvest and our Christmas dinner was all the better for our own, Sprouts, Leeks, Potatoes & Parsnips.

But we have also had some bumper fruit crops over the last year:
Rhubarb, 78lb 8oz.
Gooseberries, 22lb 12oz. 
Black & Redcurrants, 20lb. 
Strawberries, 14lb 12oz. 
Raspberries, 10lb 4oz. 
Blackberries, Loganberries, Blueberries etc about 1lb. 

And lots of Apples!

At home our Hens have been laying too, a total of 555 in 2016.
They are having a rest at the moment, but will start again in the spring.

Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian & Jo