Sunday 25 September 2016

Something has been feasting on our Corn

Been a few weeks since I last went to our Allotment. 

We went to the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show last Sunday & it was a great day out. 

Dug up some Charlotte spuds to have for dinner with a quiche. 
Something has stripped our Sweetcorn! 

Quite a few have gone, the leftovers are all over the soil.
The evidence is clear on the path, I suspect Squirrels are the culprits. 
We have seen them running off with a few cobs before. 
Today's Harvest:
Charlotte potatoes,
Lady Christl potatoes,
Autumn Raspberries,
Cucumbers too.
I also tried a windfall Apple and it was lovely and sweet. 
Only spent an hour today, watered the greenhouse, harvesting & a bit of clearing. 
Its getting colder now, you can tell by the shadow that the sun is lower in the sky now.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

Sunday 11 September 2016

Two weeks of harvesting ! Garlic planting too.

The autumn Raspberries are still producing large plump fruits.

The warm sunny days, with occasional rain, has certainly helped.

We also noticed a Broad Bean that must have self seeded was in flower!
We've been digging up some potatoes, these are the 'Cara' main crop. 
We have also dug up a few 'Harlequin' I planted about 40 of these, so today I dug up 3 of them and we got about 3kg, so if the yield is constant we expect to get over 40kg, not bad from an initial purchase of 3kg.
The extended summer seems to be fooling some of our crops into still producing, these Runner Beans are fantastic.
We managed to get some Garlic from a local fair, don't know the variety, but we got 32 cloves from them.....
So to give them a good start, I've started them off in cells with mp compost. 
I will plant out when they start rooting.
Produce in the Greenhouse still going strong, these peppers are lovely, the tomatoes still producing and cucumbers too.
Today's Harvest: Apples, Borlotti Beans, Courgettes, Squashes, Peppers, Tomatoes, Runner Beans, Purple Beans, Kale, Chard, Raspberries & Potatoes.
So all that harvesting today took two trips, Potatoes this morning the rest in the afternoon.

Was lovely in the sun, shelling beans! The forecast is for more fine weather, so expect to harvest lots more next week.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo