Monday 28 March 2016

Easter Bank Holiday Monday Extra

Yes Easter Monday and we returned during a shower but it brightened up. 

So I finished digging over this patch ready for more Main crop Potatoes.
Alongside the wire, where we grow Runner Beans, I dug a trench and added plenty of well rotted manure as the beans are a hungry crop.
We finished clearing this raised bed, topped it up with spent compost and plenty of Chicken pellet fertiliser. 

Then sowed some Calendula seed.
We also weeded the Asparagus bed, which was a tricky job, as Asparagus has very fragile roots, but it was worth it. 
We might top this up with some spent compost too. 

So another 3 hours spent today & well worth it.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter weekend tradition

It's my tradition to plant my 1st early Potatoes at Easter time. 
These 'Lady Christl' have been chitting for a while and are ready to go in, so Good Friday was the day.
Two rows already planted and as you can see the third is ready for covering. 

First I dug a trench, watered it well and put potato fertiliser in the trench & on the soil I'm putting back into the trench to cover the seed potatoes. 

Each potato is 12" (30cm) apart, in trenches 24" (60cm) between.
We also planted out some Broad Beans I started off at home in root trainers. 

There are 2 rows with 14 plants in each. 

I will have to protect these young plants, from frost and cold nights, see below.
Easter Sunday:
Another important job to do this weekend was to tidy up these beds and plant some new Strawberry runners, taken from last years 'Honeoye' plants. 
We had this 'Merryweather' Damson tree growing in a large pot at home, so we decided to move it to the Allotment in this sheltered corner. 
I made sure the hole I dug had plenty of well rotted manure in it first and watered it in well, hope it likes its new sunny spot.
Next job was to finish clearing this patch, I had to move some Spinach first though. 

I need this for the 2nd early 'Charlotte' potatoes, still chitting at home. 
I will put these in soon, using the same method as above with the 1st earlies. 
So a lovely long weekend of clearing & planting, I also covered the Broad Beans with fleece (you can see the white fleece tunnel in this picture) just to protect the young plants as they establish. 

Weather was mixed, Good Friday was dry and mostly sunny, but Sunday we had rain, wind, sun & even hail!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 20 March 2016

Digging & Planting on such a lovely day.

If you remember a few weeks ago we started off some Garlic 'Pink' and 'Vigour' 

Well as you can see its come on fine and ready to plant out. See below
I have finally finished digging over this patch where I plan to put in the main crop Potatoes 'Cara' and 'Harlequin' that are 'chitting' at home. 

I will mix in some well rotted manure ready for planting time end of next month.
All that digging produced not only aerated soil but a lot of weeds and some ground elder roots, that we will never get rid of! 

So another bonfire was lit.
We also cleared this raised bed added some chicken manure pellets and planted out the Garlic, as shown above.
So that was a busy day and what a nice day it was. 

The sun was shining and warm too. 

I noticed the temp in the greenhouse was at 24 degrees.

But sadly no Frog Spawn yet, despite the fact we had loads this time last year and there is lots in the ditch surrounding our site.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

Saturday 12 March 2016

Signs of life

Signs of life indeed, here is a bud of Victoria Rhubarb, wont be long before stalks & leaves form.
Still no frog spawn in the pond, we look regularly, but hope it wont be long before we see some.
More signs of life, the Gooseberry bush has hundreds of little buds all over it now.
I forgot I had left some Charlotte potatoes in the ground, so finished digging up the row. We had them with our dinner and tasted lovely.
So just a quick visit today (Saturday) we cant do our usual Sunday of digging etc because we are going to the Edible Garden Show, hope to see some of you there.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 6 March 2016

Busy, Busy at home & plot again.

So March already and seed planting/preparation to do at home, so using saved toilet roll tubes I planted 45 Pea seeds 'Hurst Green Shaft' they don't like their roots to be disturbed at transplanting so tubes are perfect as they can be planted too.
News on the Broad Beans & Garlic I started a few weeks ago, well as you can see they are doing well. 
Some of the Garlic have put on strong roots the cloves have been pushed out of the soil! 
Chicken News
While I was planting the Peas I heard a noise from the Hen House, that tell tale noise that an egg is being laid, so I opened the door & I was right.
Just managed a couple of hours on the plot this afternoon. 

More clearing up done and another bonfire too.
You cant tell from this photo but it started to rain, a bit of hail mixed in too, it was cold so should have expected something frozen ! Time to head back home. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian