Sunday 18 November 2018

A few weekends on the plot

 Back on 28th Oct, I dug up the last of the Picasso spuds from the earlier planted ones. 

These will make great chips, mash and jackets and they did.
While clearing-up, we always save quite a few canes and my Top Tip: store them upright with the end that was stuck in the ground, uppermost so they dry out.
So on this October day its was lovely, you can see the blue sky through the foliage.

So today (18 Nov) I managed to burn all the stuff we had pulled up over the last few weeks and dried, including weeds! 

We are lucky that our site is surrounded by farm land, so can have bonfires without bothering anyone.
We had 3 rows of Picasso spuds left, planted a few weeks later than the ones I dug up at the end of Oct (see above). 

I hoped the yield would be good, to last us up to Xmas, but sadly not, this is all I dug up from just one 10ft/3mtr row! 
I know it was a very dry summer & lots of folk were complaining about poor yields. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.