Sunday 24 June 2018

Super Sunny Sunday and 7 hours on the plot!

Yes a very sunny Sunday and as you can see its well over 100 degrees F in the greenhouse!

We spent 7 hours today, just clearing, weeding, grass cutting & planting.
I cleared this patch of mostly Poppies & some weeds, then made 2 wigwams with 1" mesh and planted 2 lots of purple podded Peas & Mange Tout. 
Also planted 3 Butternut Squashes and a Courgette. 
Don't worry I left a large area of Poppies as the Bees were busy collecting from them as they do from all the flowers we grow.
So while I was busy, Jo cleared all around the Broad Beans and found a space for another Courgette, she also cleared around the back of the Strawberry beds & found an underground Bees nest/hive, we think might be Bumble Bees.
Flowers on the 2nd early Potatoes, so should be ready soon to do a test dig. 
Can't wait.
The pond was getting choked by marsh grass and a rather large Comfrey, so Jo cleared it all away so the sun can finally get to it, hope the pond weed will go soon.
Bumper Harvest: 
Broad Beans, 
Onions & Rhubarb.
Anyway, after 7 hours we were shattered, but happy to get so much done, including cutting the grass paths again with my trusty petrol strimmer and having a bonfire to burn all those weeds we have dug out!

We had the Strawberries with vanilla ice cream after dinner and were lovely.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

Sunday 17 June 2018

Fathers Day on the plot

We have lots of Poppies on our plot, all self seeded. 

But love this white edged one, wonder what it's called?
We have pulled & dug up so many weeds so I had to get a bonfire going, luckily as our site is surrounded by farmland we can have bonfires anytime.
Got the last of the Picasso main crop potatoes in today, another 4 rows of 10 in each, to add to the 3 rows planted a few weeks ago. 
So thats 7 rows (70 seed tubers) in total!
Brought the petrol strimmer down and cut the grass path again, it looks a lot better too. I cut the paths in the fruit cage too and we spotted loads of berries ripening.
Just a few of the Cox's apples now forming due to the warm sunny conditions.
And our goosberry bush is laden, so we thinned it out by removing a few from each stalk, to allow the rest to swell & sweeten.
Look at this handsome caterpiller munching this stalk & leaves. 

Wonder what butterfly it will turn into ?
Another harvest of rhubarb, this one is Stockbridge Arrow, a prolific producer when you feed it well over winter. 

After removing the leaves this lot weighed 6 1/4lb (2.83kg)
And more Victoria rhubarb, again after removing the leaves this lot weighed 8 1/2lb (3.85kg).

The heaviest stalk was 1 3/4lb (800g) another record breaking stalk!
So todays harvest to add to the Rhubarb: 
Red Onions 
Strawberries 1 1/2lb (680g)
Peas just 1/2lb (226g)
And here are the Gooseberry thinnings, just 1 1/2lb (680g).
So another 6 hours work done today, with a break for lunch and a cuppa too. 

Not too sunny so it was easier to get all that done!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo