Monday 30 December 2019

Last Blog for 2019

 We haven't been down for a while to do any jobs, the weather has been so cold, wet and miserable, but today the sun came out and dare I say it, it was warm! 

So on Sunday I started to dig over this patch near the Apple trees & bug house. 
I continued today (Monday). 
Then on Monday (today) I moved to the other side and started to dig over this patch, which was over grown with clumps of grass that had taken hold! 
While I was busy, Jo cleared both Rhubarb beds and covered them with well rotted manure.
Jo also cleared some troublesome clumps of grass from this patch and dug out some self seeded plants and moved them to a safe area.
Jo trimmed the old wood from the Honeysuckle and cut it back a bit from the archway. 

We hope to take some from the top too, a good pruning encourages growth so we hope to see an abundance of flowers soon. 

Talking of pruning I did all the Apple trees, its best to do it between Nov & Feb when the tree is dormant. Removing a third from each branch to an outward facing bud, cutting out all branches that overlap to lessen rubbing, that leads to disease.
With all the digging the Robins were busy, they always seem to know when soil is being turned, they were very cheeky and came really close as I was clearing the weeds away! 

They pick off lots of bugs and a few worms too. 
While Jo was weeding this Herb bed, she found a hibernating Hedgehog in the corner, it had made a lovely nest amongst the weeds and grasses. As soon as we realised we left it well alone, to finish its hibernation.
So all in all, a good couple of days, Sunday & Monday. 

We hope to return on New Years Day, to contunue clearing, so we can get muck dug in.
Roll on 2020. Happy New Year to you all

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo