Sunday 21 February 2016

Start of Spring maybe ?

While at the Allotment today I realised we still had a row of Kerrs Pink potatoes in the ground, they were planted exactly 8 months ago on 21st June 2015! 

But still firm and we are having them roasted for Sunday dinner along with Parsnips too. Had dinner and the roasties were lovely.
Remember we cut down that Laylandii tree, well I cleared a space and made a log pile as they need to be seasoned/dried for at least 2 years before burning in a log burner stove. 

It will become a wildlife haven in the mean time.
As I said could it be the start of Spring? Well its been mild and sunny, even the rain kept off, so we got lots done. 
Made a start on clearing a raised bed ready for more Strawberries & cleared the Greenhouse.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 14 February 2016

On Valentines Day I love a Bonfire

Yes it's Valentines Day so I decided to have a big bonfire, to burn all the Laylandii that was cut down over the last few weeks. 
Check out my video below.
We had overnight frost which should benefit some of our crops, here is the Garlic, looking good too.
The Leeks will also like the cold snap and the sun came out this afternoon, it was lovely. 
And the Onions also looking good, I hope they don't mind the heat from the bonfire, just a few feet away to the left!
So as you can see, blue sky today and it was lovely, but as the sun went down it did go very cold again, but spring is on its way.

Check out the Bonfire video below and thanks for reading/returning/viewing. Ian

Sunday 7 February 2016

Busy day on the plot & at home

Well a good start to the day we, with the help of more plot holders and especially Dave & his chainsaw, we got more of the Laylandii tree down, not much to go now. 

I have a plan for the stump, so watch this space.
Bought some Garlic today, 2 bulbs of 'Pink' and I got 20 cloves out of it, so started them off in cells with MP compost.
Also got 2 bulbs of 'Vigour' Garlic, also got 20 cloves and started off the same as above. 

The 4 Garlic bulbs only cost me £1.60, so if we get 10 cloves from each when they mature, that's 400, not a bad investment.  
Although you can't see them yet I also planted some Broad Beans in root trainers with MP compost and then well watered, I will report on these as they grow.
Also got my early potatoes started for 'chitting' I have Lady Christl & Charlotte this year. 

Lots of folk aren't sure about 'chitting' I always put them in a cool but light place so short shoots develop, an un-heated greenhouse is ideal. I will post more pics as they sprout.
So the view from the gate is different now with that tree gone, I'm glad really as it was getting a bit big.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian