Sunday 30 December 2018

Last Blog of 2018

We spent a couple of hours today, clearing, pruning & muck spreading! 
The Gooseberry bush needed pruning, so Jo cut out quite a lot, leaving a bowl shape so air can circulate well.
We cleared the Rhubarb beds, removing all die-back foliage and weeds, then I put lots of well rotted manure on top, they will love it for spring growth.
Both Rhubarb beds treated the same, this bed has the Victoria variety.
It's time to prune the Apple trees, as dormant. 
The method I was taught was to cut a third off each branch to an outwards facing shoot & removing any that cross over another so to avoid branches rubbing together.
The Broad Beans are doing OK, we planted these a few months ago, so hoping for an early crop.

Thanks for reading/returning. Lets hope 2019 is a good year for growing! 
Happy New Year, Ian & Jo