Saturday 22 February 2014

A bit of early planting

I started some Broad Beans off in toilet roll tubes at home, now they have tall stems & a good root system, it's time to plant them in the Greenhouse, while its relatively empty. 
So now in the greenhouse, which is unheated, approx 8" apart, supported by horizontal string between canes. 
The soil has been well weeded, some 'Grow Organic' added & a handful of Chicken Pellets too. 
The large green leafy thing is 'Mizuna' a type of salad leaf that has a peppery taste, so lovely in salads, added to a sandwich or a handful on top of a pizza (after cooking) is lovely.
Another job to do was to move the Spinach Beet, its a type of perpetual Spinach and should transfer OK. 
Had to move it because I need the patch where it was growing for Potatoes soon, will need to prepare and get it ready.
The green netting tunnel on the left has Kale growing, its been there over winter and now its warming up should be getting bigger soon. 
So another lovely day today, forecast is for rain all day tomorrow (Sunday) so glad we got down this afternoon to do a few jobs. 
We have started loads at home, Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergines, Cucumbers, Cauliflowers, Broad Beans, Coriander & Basil. Will have to get some special seedling compost so I can start off some Chilles too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

Sunday 16 February 2014

The Sun came out

Well what a week, rain, wind, rain, wind, heavy rain, strong wind, torrential rain, gale force wind! 
But luckily little damage to our Green house, only 3 perspex panels popped out, which I found on neighbours plot & fixed back, also a compost bin lid, found 2 plots away. 
But some faired much worse, one plot holder didn't glaze his Greenhouse and found the frame blown over all twisted and wrecked by the storm!
So back to today, as the sun came out it really felt like a spring day. After all the rain, some said the water in their wells was up to soil level, but I check mine and it was about 18" (45cm) below. 

But I finished digging over this patch I've been working on over the last week or so. 
Got all my spuds now and some will be going in here, so they are all chitting in the dining room.
I was recently voted onto our Allotment Association committee, today I did my 1st stint in the shop, its just an hour once a month and was great fun, meeting people I've know for years, but not always known their names, plus a newcomer who was after advise on what Potatoes to plant on his new plot, of course I could advise. 

But at least the weather was kind today after such a stormy week, still some weeding/clearing to do, but plenty of time, as its still too cold to plant anything out.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Cold & Wet February

 Still very cold and wet, but at least not under water like some of the country, even some plots on our site have some localised flooding, but mine is OK. 

So as I said in my video walkabout last week, this patch is next for digging over and I spent an hour doing just that, will be using most of this patch for Potatoes this year.
Just a glimpse of red through the manure, means the Rhubarb is ready to burst forth, so as soon as it warms up there will be no stopping it.
Talking of Potatoes, I now have 4 out of the 5 varieties I'm growing this year, so my 'chitting station' is back out (also used for drying Onions on). 
From the top: 
1st early 'Winston' 
2nd Early 'Charlotte' & 'Nadine' 
Main crop 'Sante'. 
Still waiting for main crop 'Cara', should be here soon.
Next jobs to do, finish digging over that patch started today & prepare all spud beds with manure.

The 'Winstons' are ready to put in but wont until threat of frost has passed, probably sometime in March.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

Monday 3 February 2014

February already

So it's February already, Jan was a bit of a wash out, very few days good enough for Allotment tasks. 
But today the rain stopped & the Sun came out, so I decided to seize the moment and do some digging! Here is one of the patches I will be planting 1st Early Potatoes, but first I will have to remove the weeds! 
A good few hours later and it's done. 
Well dug over from front to back & side to side, I removed 4 buckets full of weeds and had a bonfire to burn them on! 
There is plenty of space for 3 rows of 'Winston' first earlies that are 'chitting' away at home.
So as I said a good dry day for digging & burning. 
If you watch my YouTube video 'First Allotment Walkabout of 2014' you will see what my plans are & some tips & ideas for you. 

Thanks for reading/returning and don't forget to watch the video. Ian.