Sunday 21 December 2014

Christmas Veg harvest

Went to the plot this morning just to harvest the following:
Charlotte Potatoes 
& Sprouts.

Cant get fresher than that! 

We are having an early Christmas dinner today for visiting relatives that won't be around on Christmas day. 
We will of course be having Christmas dinner again on the 25th :)

The Garlic, Solent Wight, has finally put on growth in our unheated greenhouse. 
They have taken their time, I started them off ages ago, so now I can plant them out after hardening them off.
The weather has been so mild of late, just a few chilly days, but little if any frost, had plenty of rain though.

 Despite all this nothing much is growing, apart from Onions and Brassicas.

Thanks for reading/returning and Happy Christmas to you all. Ian