Saturday 21 February 2015

Fence building on the plot

I took this photo on the 25th Jan and said it was the next construction project. 

Well almost a month later I have finally started building the last section of fence, made from pallets. 
The first panel, made from 2x 1mtr Pallets nailed together. 

Then nailed into posts sunk 50% deeper into the ground, the pallets are 1mtr high so the posts are 1.5mtrs. 
So before the rain & hail set in I managed to get a second panel in place.
 Luckily I got 6 of these pallets free, from a house renovation nearby, the posts came from a neighbour who was replacing his fence last year, only cost was £3 for nails.
So when the fence is finished, next job is to renew the edge of this raised bed, as the old edges have rotted away. 
Not done too badly lasting about 10yrs, also got from a house sadly one that was being demolished & the roof joists made great raised beds, I made 6 in all.
It's now Sunday and despite the forecast of rain today, I still returned to my plot to finish the pallet fence. 

I did get rather damp, but us Allotmenteers are a hardy bunch come rain or shine we get the job done.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Spring is in the air

The Garlic is in stock in the shop, so I bought 2 bulbs of 'Pink Carousel' can't wait to get it planted, looks lovely.
Still harvesting Parsnips & Sprouts. 
Will have these with our dinner tonight, the Sprouts are quite small, but will be sweeter, can't get fresher than that. 
A little corner of the shed set aside to brew a much needed cuppa, after a mornings digging we certainly need one!
Not much left to burn now that I've had 2 big bonfires, so using the incinerator bin now, takes less space and burns quickly with the lid on. 

Mine is a bit rusty around the base and it wont last much longer, got it propped up on a couple of breeze blocks, think I've had this one a few years now, so time for a replacement soon!
Really did feel like spring today, not warm, but not as cold as it has been, working the soil was easy, luckily not had frozen soil (yet). Finally got around to pruning the Apple trees, just in time too!

Got a few construction jobs lined up, so watch this space.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

Sunday 8 February 2015

Chitting and Chickens

I've had my seed Potatoes for 2 weeks now so here is my short lesson on 'chitting'. 

Look all over each spud, you are looking for a 'dimple' that is where it was attached to the parent plant, you need to set your spuds in an egg tray with this dimple down.
So only after two weeks I have already got some short green shoots showing. 

These are the 1st early 'Rocket' I have grown them before and found them to be very early as the name suggests. 
So here again is my 'chitting station' and old pine shelf unit I adapted by adding a few extra shelves. The Potatoes I'm growing this year, from top to bottom: 
Keers Pink 
and Cara 
194 in total, hope I have room for them all!
Chicken News: 
Our 7 hungry Chickens are doing well, the 3 Ex-Battery have retired and don't lay eggs anymore. 

The 4 Light Sussex have been laying since Jan 6th so just over a month now and so far we have had 88 eggs!
As you can see they are fully grown Hens now and I love their plumage.

The bright red comb & wattle is a good sign of health. 
Their diet of chicken feed, corn & allotment greens shows in the eggs they produce, with deep yellow yolks.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian