Sunday 17 September 2017

August/September update

Been rather busy, so I appologise for the lack of Blogging. 
But we have managed to get some picking done, so read on. 
Not a bad haul here from the beginning of August. 
We have started digging up the Picasso potatoes, some nice big ones, but quite a few small ones too. 

But they make lovely chips & baked potatoes.
Another trug of veg, and more Courgettes!!
As you know we grow lots of flowers on our Allotment, they are beneficial for insects and especially Bees, these Zinnias are lovely.
The Borlotti Beans are still doing well, we wont harvest just yet though.
We have spotted quite a few Frogs around our plot, some really fat ones, probably from feasting on slugs & snails, but look at this tiny frog no bigger than a fingernail, one of this years I think.
Finally got round to collecting the Onions we have had drying for weeks! 
This 'Bullhorn' pepper is getting bigger, will probably pick it soon. You cant beat a home grown pepper, so easy to grow too.
Another trug full:
Courgettes (again),
and an Apple too.
Yet more tasty pickings: 

This time with a mix of Picasso & Cara potatoes.
Today's (17th Sept) harvest:
Picasso potatoes. 
Was a quick visit today and the sun was shining.

We have our Son visiting from Canada with his Fiancee and they like our Courgette & Potato soup, so lucky we have plenty! 

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian & Jo.