Sunday 15 November 2015

November's 2nd harvest

Finished digging up 1st row of Kerrs Pink potatoes and this is all I got. I think I planted them a bit late (end of June) so thats why a low harvest.
More pink veg, these are the Borlotto Beans, the foliage has died back now so time to harvest the pods. 

See below to see the beans we got.
 So despite the forecast of more rain! Today was quite bright & the sun even came out briefly. But at least I managed to dig the spuds up, harvest the beans & get a bag of greens for our chickens.
So here are the Borlotto beans after podding. If we had planted them earlier more would have got their mottled red colour.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 1 November 2015

1st of November harvest

Time to test dig the Kerrs Pink potatoes, all the foliage has died back and the weeds are taking over! 
So not a bad harvest despite the inclement weather. 
Pumpkins, Potatoes, Parsnip, purple Peas, Tomatoes, Raspberries & greens for our Chickens.
So despite the temps dropping was glad to get such a lot. 

Sadly the Kerrs Pink yield wasn't so good and quite small too, but they did make lovely roasties with our Sunday dinner, will dig the rest up soon, hopefully before the 1st frost!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian