Monday 23 September 2019

Harvests & weeding time!

Such a lovely morning, so Jo & I decided to visit our plot today as Sunday was so wet! 

We harvested this lot while there.
I dug a few Picasso potatoes up, these will do a few meals over the next week or so.
I cleared around the Cara potatoes, there were plenty of weeds, but now looks a lot better & the Parsnips (on the left) now have more room to grow.
So while I was doing the Cara patch, Jo weeded around this patch where the Spinach, Kale and Cabbages are. Keeping the netting on has helped them to grow strong, no interference from birds!
Jo then weeded around the Leeks and they are looking really good & healthy.
Jo then weeded this patch where there is Pac-Choy, Lettuce & Kale, also still under netting, to keep the birds off. 
She picked the biggest Lettuce too!
So it was a good few hours and we got a lot done including the bumper harvest, as in 1st photo.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

Sunday 15 September 2019

September harvest time

So a week ago I dug up more potatoes, these are Picasso main crop & very nice they are and make great chips & roasties too.
A lovely Trug of produce. 
Using my trusty petrol strimmer I cut the grass path again, might be the last time this year, unless we get a late summer.
Got loads of weeds to burn, so had to buy a new incinerator bin! 
At least we had plenty of dry weeds to burn, despite the rain we have had.
The Borlotto Beans are almost ready to pick, see below:
I'm glad we put a bigger netting frame over the Kale, it's put on a growth spurt now with more headroom. 
Today's harvest: Raspberries, Beetroot, Tomatoes & Pears from our neighbour.
And a bag full of Beans. 

Borlotto & Runner Beans.
We've harvested so much fruit this year, so I'm trying Goosberry & Raspberry mix wine.
I'm also starting a batch of just Raspberry wine. 

Will be doing a double batch of Rhubarb soon too.
Things are still growing though, I weeded around the Parsnips today & other crops are doing well, we expect to still be harvesting through the winter.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo