Monday 31 October 2016

Monday on the plot

First job, to extend this patch next to the Garlic I put in a few weeks ago. 
Then plant out some Broad Beans I started off in cells at home. 
I found quite a few Lady Christl potatoes too while digging over this patch.
Another job that needed doing, cutting down the sweetcorn as it had finished. 
So a good excuse for a bonfire, there was a pile of weeds to burn too!
So while I was down on the plot, I did a spot of harvesting: 
Last of the Cox's apples 
& some Cara potatoes, for chips tonight.
Was such a lovely day today, so I took a pic-nic lunch there too, was lovely just listening to the birds.

If you were wondering why I didn't go on Sunday, well I went to Brick Live at the N.E.C in Birmingham a Lego show organised by Lego fans and it was great (my other hobby). 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

Sunday 23 October 2016

More Onions planted

 Before I show you the Onions, take a look at this lovely red Cox's apple. 
Almost ready to pick, we've had some great apples this year and with some careful pruning this winter, crops will be better next year.
This Pumpkin growing amongst the Rhubarb (no we didn't plant it there, it trailed its way there) will make a lovely soup for winter. 
I just love this vivid red Chard growing amongst all the green, we have it growing in a few places.

And finally the Onions, these are the 'Red Winter' that I started off in cells just like the ones I planted last weekend and have done them just the same way.
So that's all the Onions in now about 100 whites & now 90 reds, we will have plenty come harvest time next year!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

Sunday 16 October 2016

One crop out another in

The Senshyu onions have been growing well in cell trays. 
I started them off about a month ago and they are now ready to go in. 

I prepared the patch last weekend, its where a few rows of Cara spuds were growing & now dug up.
As you can see the Onions have a good root structure, starting them off this way gives them an early start and also stops the birds pulling them out.
That's 95 put in and watered well. 

I will put a similar number of Red Winter onions in next time I'm down. 
Today's Harvest:
Chilean Guavas,
Chicken greens too.
The weather today was a bit mixed, rain all morning, then a few hours of sun in the afternoon, as we walked home rain was returning.

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian & Jo

Sunday 9 October 2016

Working hard on the plot today

Now that we have cleared this patch of Potatoes, there are still some in the ground (just out of shot). 
So I turned the soil, got all the weeds & roots out and raked it flat, ready for Onion planting. 
Couldn't move the bin as I was burning the weeds & it was hot!
Jo weeded all around the Parsnips, Carrots, Lettuce & Chard, it looks much better for it. 

The weeds will be drying ready for burning next time.
In the greenhouse:

These Hungarian Hot Wax peppers are as red as they will go. 

They start off green and mild, change to orange mid hot and now they are red are very hot!
Today's bumper harvest: 
Purple Beans, 
I keep hearing its autumn, well today was like summer, was warm & very pleasant. 

The birds & bees were very busy too. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

Sunday 2 October 2016

Sunny Sunday at the start of October

Well the sun is shining, and the Cox's Orange Pippin apples are ready. 

Monty Don advised last week on Gardeners World, to just gave each apple a little twist and if it comes away its ready, if not leave another few days and re-twist.

So we had apple & raspberry crumble with our dinner, lovely too. 
The Rainbow Chard makes a lovely splash of colour amongst all the green. 
You may not be able to see them, but these Cosmos are attracting the Bees, they love the flowers for the nectar, as well as all the other flowers we grow for the Bees.
I dug up some more Harlequin spuds today from this patch. 

We are planning to plant out the Onions here, that are rooting well at home in cell trays. 
I also dug up more Charlotte (on the left) and the Harlequin spuds are on the right, we will have them as chips, the long tubers will make perfect fries.
Here is the Garlic I started off in cell trays and kept under cover. We will plant them out soon in one of the cleared raised beds.
Today's Harvest:
& Lavender.
We also picked a couple of round Courgettes!
In the bag is lots of greens for our Chickens, they love fresh veg and is good for them and their eggs too.

So as I said, a sunny day you can see the lovely blue sky and it was warm too, the forecast is for a dry week to come, lets hope so.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo