Sunday 24 April 2022

Busy time of the year

Long time since last Blog. 

But we have been very busy:

I made a new boundary fence out of pallets, dug over most of the plot & had a manure delivery.

But while I was digging the trenches for the Potatoes today, this cheeky Robin took to my spade handle each time I stopped!

Main crop 'Picasso' 15" (38cm) apart in rows 30" (75cm) between. 

I dug a trench a spade deep, put the soil in a mound along one side, put manure in the bottom of the trench & watered the soil & manure, once soaked in, I placed the 'chitted' potatoes along the bottom of the trench & then using a rake pulled the soil back over, to cover them. 

2 Weeks ago I planted 3 rows of 'Casablanca' 1st early & 3 rows of 'Charlotte' 2nd early, the same way as above except, 12" (30cm) apart in rows 24" (60cm) between.

The 'Casablanca' are already poking through. 

As I said, we have been busy preparing the beds. 

In this one we have: 




Sweet Peas, 


Spring Onions & Radish.

Here we have: 


Broad Beans 

& Peas so far.

In this patch we have Leeks that were put in months ago.

We weeded & fed with chicken pellets.

This Pear tree we put in last year, has lots of blossom and even some tiny pears forming.

The tree is still small, about 4' tall, but has loads of fruit forming.

It will be our 1st Pear tree, so excited to see how many we get.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo