Sunday 6 December 2020

Apple Pruning in December

Yes best to prune apple trees between Nov and Feb so now is an ideal time, trim each branch by a third to an outward facing bud, cut any branches that overlap, to reduce rubbing and cut out all old & deseased branches.
The peas in the green house are doing well & its still much warmer inside than out!
And a nice little harvest:

Swede, Leeks & Parsnip.

We had Leek & Potato* soup for lunch, then had the Swede mashed with carrot & roasted Parsnip & Potatoes* with our Sunday dinner. 

Can't get fresher than that.

*Potatoes dug up a few weeks ago. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


Sunday 22 November 2020

Sunny November Sunday

As we arrived, just after a shower, we were greeted by this lovely rainbow. 
So I dug up 1.5 rows of King Edward potatoes, will weigh them when dry. There is still a row to dig up, hopefully for Christmas days feast :)
So while I was digging spuds, Jo lifted the last of the Jolent leeks, they look lovely. 

When we got home, Jo trimmed them, cleaned and chopped them up, then blanched them ready for freezing.

The winter Cauliflowers didn't do so well, but did produce these bite sized heads!
Jo cleared both Rhubarb beds & I put manure over all the crowns.
The Stockbride Arrow rhubarb got the same treatment, I split one of the large crowns and planted the piece in the centre.
Was a lovely morning, but as we returned home it started raining. So we timed that well, only stayed about 2.5 hours but was enough.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

Saturday 7 November 2020

October into November Harvests

More apples & Potatoes
And:  Raspberries, Beans, Parsnips & Carrots too.
Just in time for Haloween a few squashes & pumpkins, not for carving though.
A bumper harvest again.
We picked all the Borlotti beans a week or so ago, so after drying them, Jo shelled them all & bagged them up for freezing.
The last row of Maris Piper potatoes dug up today (7th Nov) not bad from a 10ft row.
More leeks, we get a nice long white part from earthing them up, so more of the root is below ground.
Another trug full of goodies. Including Rudbekia seed heads for saving the seed.
Wasn't too bad today so we did some clearing of beds and cane structures, the netting tunnels in the foreground still have brassicas, kale, sprouts & cauliflowers.
This harvest from a week or so ago, leeks, beetroot & apples.

Thanks for reading, returning. Ian & Jo.

Sunday 4 October 2020

September/October Harvests

Over the last few weeks we have harvested lots and lots of crops. 

Even when I was at work Jo popped down and filled her Trug many times. 

I think this year has been the best 

Spot the massive Parsnip, got to be 20" long at least!
Cox's Orange Pippins, Jo did the twist test as shown on Gardeners World and look how many came away. There are still lots still to come.
Thanks fo reading/returning. 

Ian & Jo.

Sunday 13 September 2020

Lovely sunny Sunday in September

This raised bed was over run with Rocket that had gone to seed. 

So Jo pulled it out and planted 2 rows of White Lisbon winter spring onion seed.

I tidied up the Maris Piper spud bed by removing all the weeds and earthing up the spud rows, to lessen the light they might get. 

Then in the row already dug up, I prepared the soil and planted some purple sprouting Broccoli, under a netting tunnel.

Another bumper harvest, more than we've had for a while, but thats due to the fact we havent been down to pick anything since Tuesday!
The apples are looking great, can't harvest them yet though, maybe in a few more weeks.
So as the title says a lovely sunny day & we got lots done, I even trimmed more of the grass path, with hand shears too! 

Thanks for reading/returning. 

Ian & Jo 

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Harvest Time

August/September is the best time of the year, as we can harvest almost every day! 
So here are a few trugs full of what we grow.

Beetroot & Leeks, perfect.

First of the King Edward spuds, all these from just 2 plants.
And more Maris Piper, also from just 2 plants.
Todays harvest on a rare week day, day off.
Thanks for reading/returning. 
Ian & Jo

Sunday 23 August 2020

Inbetween the showers!

So a rainy day, so just went down to harvest all this. 
Not bad too :) In fact we have been down most days over the last few weeks, just to pick.
All the rain has made the weeds & grass path grow! 
But good for the crops & flowers :)

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

Sunday 2 August 2020

Still planting & harvesting

One of our Sunflowers, I measured the tallest at 102" (260cm) !
Once the peas have finished we take them out & plant out more for a second crop.
The Ostrich Plume Asters alongside the Leeks.
Another good harvest.
In the greenhouse the Tomatoes are doing well, these plum ones are massive!
These are close to ripening.
These are almost ready.

So another busy weekend. Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.