Saturday 16 April 2011

The up's & downs of having an Allotment

Luckily there are far more positive things about owning an Allotment than negative ones.
Today was such a lovely day, we managed to get several jobs done.

The 1st & 2nd Potatoes (Anya & Hunter) have come through so did the first earthing up of this year.

Planted another row of Parsnips as a succession crop.

Do you like the CD bird scares ?

The Carrots, under the net curtain cover, have come through, they were only sown a few weeks ago.

But the biggest job was planting the Onions.
Planted 10 rows this week, with about 33 onion sets in each row.

So 5 rows of Red Onions & 5 rows of White in 2 varieties.

We do use a lot of Onions in cooking so over 300 will last a year, hopefully.

But the big upset of the week was, that on arrival today we noticed a pile of Rhubarb leaves on the path & we know from past experience that only means some lowlife has nicked some. They had taken almost 20 stalks all from the same crown, meaning that crown will go into shock and not produce many good stalks, that's why it's important when harvesting Rhubarb to only take a few from each crown.

Chicken News:
Here you can see our Chickens enjoying one of their favorite treats Meal Worms, they go crazy for them.

Maud, with her head up in the background, has just taken a drink and is letting the water run down her throat, the yellow colour of the water is due to the 'Life Guard' tonic additive we use, it's recommended for ex-battery or laying Hens.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Thats crappy about your rhubarb! Do you get a lot of theft where you are? We seem to be very lucky in that regard, perhaps because we're in the middle of farmland meaning you've got to go looking for the allotments rather than walking past them in a village or whatever...

  2. Your chickens look really happy Ian...well done :)