Sunday 20 March 2011

Chicken Day two - Eggsellent News

Got up early today, 6:30am, to let the chickens out, but to our surprise they had layed 2 eggs.

But not surprising they would not venture outside, maybe it was due to earlier rain, or more likely they just did not realise they could go out, so we coaxed them out and one went straight back in. So we left her to herself.

Later on we checked on her, now named Hetty and she had layed an Egg too, so 3 in total :)

We do realise these are from their previous Battery days (only yesterday) so don't expect any more until they are settled in properly.

But actually they are doing very well, Hetty finally came out all by herself and joined in the feed fest.

But there is a definite pecking order set up and we've named the dominant one Bossy Betty the other two Peggy & Maude slot in nicely in front of Hetty.

As you can see we got them some Chick Weed & Kale (hanging up) as a treat
from the Allotment and the Rhubarb is doing well, it's shooting up all over the place.

But the next important job to do is prepare the Potato patch, the 'Anya' , 'Charlotte' & 'Hunter' that have been 'chitting' since January are ready to go in.
Sadly the Chicken house & run construction had taken up most of my time lately and the Allotment has been neglected, but now the Chickens are in residence I can crack on now that 'Spring' is here & the clocks go forward next week too!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Delighted to see the new hens settling in.... Fed my own hens some kale today as I was transplanting some and they showed no interest in the kale at all, fussy little madams... So don't be too disappointed I they ignore your kale too..

    Usually find that the hens prefer their dark green and root veg cooked!

  2. Thanks, kitchen72, but our Chickens love Kale & Sprout tops too, can strip a branch in minutes, makes very tasty yolks too :)