Sunday, 6 March 2011

Perfect day for doing stuff

It was a lovely day today and even the sun came out in the afternoon, so Allotment bound we were.

1st I prepared a patch in the fruit cage, that originally had an old Blackcurrant bush (but not producing much now), ready for 2 Blueberry bushes. One we had in a pot last year, which produced many fruits, so acquired a 2nd plant so they will be happy together, but now in open soil, should grow rapidly as we also dug in 'chicken pellet' fertilizer. The variety is: 'Bluecrop'

Other job: To cut back the autumn Raspberries, & weed them too.

The Rhubarb 'Stockbridge Arrow' is taking shape, last time hardly a leaf was visible but now should shoot up.

A Twitter follower asked me what Rhubarb she should grow, I had no problem in recommending this variety as it is prolific & very tasty too, maybe you should try it.

Here you can see the Garlic bed, all cloves planted in January have rooted and are growing well.

The only thing harvested today was Parsnips, which are going in, as the main ingredient, to a Veg Casserole for dinner tonight.

Chicken News:

Not a lot of time left to get the Chicken house & run ready, as we are picking up our 'Girls' in less than 2 weeks (19th March), so I cracked on with painting the run's frame 'Cuprinol Garden Shades - Barleywood' for the record. Next job is to attach the netting, make a door & fit out the hen house interior.
The 2 rolls (under plastic) are rolls of Turf, I have decided to make the run floor half turf and half forest bark, to give the Chickens 2 sources for finding bugs & creepy crawlies :)

Thanks for reading/returning, hope you revisit soon for more Allotment & Chicken news. Ian

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