Saturday 26 March 2011

Potato patch preparation

This year we are planting almost 200 seed Potatoes:
23 x Anya, 1st early (2 rows)
40 x Charlotte, 1st early (3 rows)
43 x Hunter, 2nd early (3 rows)
10 x Rocket, 2nd early (1 row)
80 x Markies, Main (7 rows)

Here you can see the before shot of the Potato patch.

Yesterday (Friday) I moved the Kale, as shown in photo above, because we wanted to keep growing it for our Chickens, they love it.
I also scattered Manure over the soil.

Here I am with my favorite piece of Allotment equipment, my trusty Rotovator, makes turning the soil & incorporating manure a much quicker job.

So a few hours later both areas left & right of path have been Rotovated, just for the record the Potato patch (on left) is 35ft x 14ft, try digging that over just with a spade in only an afternoon.

So tomorrow I'm planting the 1st & 2nd Earlies, Anya & Hunter, will plant the Charlotte next weekend, to stagger harvest.

Chickens at Home News:
Here you can see one of our Hens attacking the Kale, they love it as a treat and can strip it of leaves in no time.

As you can see our Hens now only a week since release from battery existence, are looking good, they have good colour in their feathers & comb, and all 4 are laying an egg each a day, a bonus and taste so good too.

Thanks for reading/returning, check out tomorrows Blog for Potato planting tips. Ian.


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast the hennies look better.
    Well done on the garden work,fancy doing mine;-)

  2. A freshly dug/rotovated patch is always a lovely sight and I'll definately be interested in any potato planting tips!
    Your hens are looking good too.

  3. Wow 200 seed potatoes?? How big is your plot and I would be interested to hear how you store yours over winter! I lost 2 half sacks last year - too cold the first year and too hot this one just gone!
    Glad to see the chickens are doing well - fantastic news xx