Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chicken Run finished

Superb day today, sunny too.
So a perfect day to some work outside and with only 6 days till Chicken arrival day I had to get a move on finishing the Hen House & Run.

Well as you can see the run is finished, just the door to put on, which is built, but only just painted so not in place yet.

Next job is to fit out the interior of the Hen House. I have sourced lots of salvage wood & tree branches, added to what I have stored in the garage. So Nesting boxes, roosting poles etc still to make so hoping to get it done over the next few days, weather permitting (but forecast does look OK).

Other jobs done:
While I was busy my wife visited the Allotment to weed the Garlic, pot up some Strawberry runners & check things over. She told me the Rhubarb has grown some more, so if I get a chance will pop down myself to photograph it.

So only a short Blog this week, but big news coming. Arrival of Chickens!
So watch this space.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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