Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mixed weather today, but Chicken Des-Res on track

Just a quick visit to the Allotment today, between the showers.

Topped up compost bins with kitchen waste, veg peelings, tea bags etc.

But look at the Rhubarb, decided not to 'force' it again, so glad as it's doing well in full light.

Crops harvested today: Leeks & Spring Onions.

Chicken News
The sun came out later so carried on with the Chicken run, had to remove 4 wheelbarrows full of soil to get the foundations level with the patio where the Hen house/shed is located.
Despite compacted rain soaked soil, I had to dig away and get the job done, because we had received some excellent news.
The nice lady at the British Hen Welfare Trust e-mailed me this week with a collection date for ex-battery hens, been waiting since before Xmas, so picking the 'girls' up on the 19th of March, can't wait. Did I mention we are re-homing 4 Chickens?
So less than 3 weeks to finish the Chicken Des-Res!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Oh good luck with the hennies,they are so rewarding and it is grand to see the colour come into their faces and watch their feathers grow back.