Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Plot beckons and there is much to do

Lovely sunny day today, so I did a couple of hours on the plot this afternoon,
Weeded the Potato patch in readiness for Manure that was delivered last yr so it is now well rotted.
Planning to Rotovator it too to mix the manure in, then to plant the 1st Earlies, Charlotte & Anya

Looking over the Rhubarb, which is marching upwards every day now, you can see I had a bonfire, managed to burn most of the weeds pulled up today as well as some pulled at the end of growing last yr.

Chickens at home News:

Here is the 1st Egg laid in the proper place, the nesting box, we've had 15 so far since rescue, 3 on day two and 4 every day since, which are laid on the floor of the hen house. So our 'girls' must be happy in their new home.

Thanks for reading/returning, look out for next update, with news of Potato planting. Ian.


  1. Its been beautiful today, a great day to be out in the garden or allotment

  2. Plot looking good, I plan to finally get up there and get my earlier in Saturday morning first thing. So it's bound to bloomin rain. lol ;)