Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rain, rain go away

Chicken News
(our 2011 project to re-home some ex-battery Hens)

Had set my heart on some construction today, but weather was not playing ball. So in between the showers I managed to cut the wood needed to make the Chicken Run/cage & stored the cut lengths in the Chicken Shed to dry out, to make screwing together easier.

But best news of the day, nice lady, Wendy, from the British Hen Welfare Trust phoned me, as I had e-mailed with query on the dates for pick-up, I was told there is a possibility of some mid March so have provisionally reserved four Hens.

So I had better get a move on building the run/cage & fitting out the interior, Sunday weather is looking good so far, there is food & supplies to purchase too.

Watch this space for further Chicken News. Ian


  1. Oh wow how exciting!! Can't bear the wait now - and I bet you can't either. Oh *runs round the room with excitement*

  2. Great news there is something about your first egg being eaten from your own hens very special can't wait