Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Storm Damage Report

We had some very strong winds over the weekend, Monday was the worst with gale force winds so I expected to find more damage on the Plot today, but surprisingly little.

A few things blown over & the shed roof needs a bit of new felt, but that's just wear & tear, needed doing anyway.

But the most noticeable damage was just one pane blown out from greenhouse roof, luckily 50% of my greenhouse is glazed with Perspex after vandals used it for target practice. So all I had to do was to retrieve the missing pane from next doors plot & fix back in place. The only other problem is that the greenhouse has moved about 6" towards the fence, so will have to move it back, with help of course, despite 50% Perspex it's still damn heavy!

But on a plus note, the Rhubarb is looking better, just needs more sun and away it will go. Might look out some big pots and force it, for some sweet early stems. I have finally got around to 'chitting' the main crop Markies Potatoes and all the others are 'chitting' well too, photo next week.

Chicken News:
(our 2011 project to re-home some ex-battery Hens)
Other commitments & bad weather has slowed down the Chicken coop construction, but we have taken delivery of a 2nd hand shed, almost new, which I am currently treating with Creoseal to hopefully thwart Red Mite attack. Then all I have to do is adapt it for Chickens, with roosting/perch area, nesting boxes & 'pop hole' (door to outside) I am then going to build a run attached to the side of the shed, so they can have somewhere to roam safely outside. Please return soon for more 'Chicken News'

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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