Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Chicken & Chitting News

Chicken News
(our 2011 project to re-home some ex-battery Hens)
Lovely, dry, day today, makes a change, so got on with putting up the shed we were recently given, thanks to a friend who was moving house and couldn't take the shed.
So had to re-lay the patio as it had sunk a little in the far corner & shed wouldn't have been level.

So 3 hours later, including a break for lunch, the patio was level & the shed erected. Haven't put the roof on yet as I need to make a pop hole* in the side wall, which will have to be removed to do that.

As you can see it is a lovely shade of Blue, so I had to paint the fence to match, got to make an effort for our Girls!
* a pop hole is the small door the Chickens use to get in & out of the hen house/shed.

Other News
The 'Chitting Station' is doing well, and all Potato varieties are now out.
Top right: Some extra seed potatoes for my wife's school garden.

2nd shelf: Left, Anya salad variety, started 23 Jan
2nd shelf: Right, Rocket early variety, started 31 Jan

3rd shelf: Charlotte early variety, started 23 Jan

4th shelf: Hunter 2nd early, started 31 Jan

5th & 6th shelf: Markies main crop, started 9 Feb

Here you can see a close up of one of the Charlotte seed potatoes with a strong dark green shoot just as it should be.

If yours are white and spindly, they need more light, best to rub the shoot off & start again in a lighter spot.

Ours are kept in an un-heated room near the window, which I find to be the best for 'chitting'.

Thanks for reading/returning, check back soon for further updates & news on the Chickens.


  1. One very posh chicken shed! Looks great x

  2. Loving the chicken shed - they will be well posh birds living in that! I also like your potato chitting station. I have a problem this year as I normally use the bath, but Junior uses that now - oh no what am I going to do??
    Well done on all your hard work Matey x