Sunday 20 February 2011

Chicken News
(our 2011 project to re-home some ex-battery Hens)

No Allotment again today, but carried on with the construction of the Hen House.
As you can see the Roof is now on & the 'pop hole' made, all I have to do now is make the pop hole door, which will slide vertically and I have to fit out the interior too.

But the next big construction will be the chicken run, which will be a cage attached to the side of the shed, so our chickens can come outside and still be safely enclosed, just using the 'pop hole' to gain access to nest boxes, shelter in bad weather and when roosting at dusk.
So I'm looking for timber tomorrow to make the run which will be about 2 metres square.

Thanks for reading/returning, look out for the next 'Chicken News' update. Ian.

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