Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Allotment & Chicken News

Just a quick trip to the Allotment on Sunday.

Just enough time to top up the compost bin and re-fill the Bird feeders with fat blocks & balls, also put some grain & seed on the new bird table and as you can see a cheeky Robin immediately tucked in. To see Robin click on the photo, then click again to zoom (use the back button to return).

Other news, the 'chitting station' is working well, the Charlotte & Anya, only started 10 days ago have shown signs of sprouting.

The Hunter 2nd early Potatoes arrived and some 1st early Rocket from a magazine offer, so they are
'chitting' now too.

(our 2011 project to re-home some ex-battery Hens)
We went on the 'Introduction to Poultry Keeping' course at Reaseheath College on Saturday, which was very good & very informative. We learnt so much more than we could get just from books & magazines and got to hold a Chicken too, but not one of these, in the picture, these are the Colleges rare breed Chickens & are rather timid. One of the staff picked one up and demonstrated 'Wing Clipping' to us, so I am now confident in doing this when necessary.

We have only thought about re-homing ex-battery Hens, I was talking to another person on the course who told us about ex-barn Hens, so did an internet search and to my surprise there is a local supplier of ex-barn Chickens, so will be going to have a look soon.
Just have to build the housing and a run for them first, will Blog about this soon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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