Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunny May Sunday

Finally we got a lovely sunny Sunday. Granted we have had a few, but today was marvelous. 

So I started digging over this patch in the overgrown corner, just a sq mtr done so far!
So while I did digging, Jo weeded all the Strawberry beds again and dont they look good.
There are loads of flowers so we expect a big Strawberry crop again this year, our jam cupboard is looking a bit bare! 

Jo also planted 4 Tomato plants into the Greenhouse.
The Broad Beans are looking good too. 

So to save our eyes, from getting poked, I use those pro-biotic drink bottles to top the canes and in the breeze they make a nice tinkling sound.
Done another earthing up of the Kestrel spuds, the Charlotte I planted last week not showing yet of course.
 Finally the 1st early Pentland Javelin have poked through so I earthed them up too.
Cant get over how lovely the Apple blossom is this year and we can imagine a big crop of Apples.
So as I said a lovely day and we picked 14lb (6.3kg) of Rhubarb, a mix of Stockbridge Arrow & Victoria. 

We had Rhubarb crumble after dinner and with a dollop of vanilla ice cream was lovely.

The pond is teaming with thousands of Tadpoles too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes use of the probiotic drink bottles too. I've also written the names of the plants on them so I don't forget. I've also cut drink bottles to make a collar to keep water in & bugs out around the bases.
    We don't have a pond, so no tadploes, but we do have a Hedgehog.
    All looking good.