Sunday, 20 May 2018

Another sunny Sunday

 So another sunny Sunday, so we got busy again, 1st job, another earting up of the spuds, as they are getting bigger daily.
I cleared the base of this netting and added lots of manure, then planted some Runner Beans that we started off in cells. 
We always grow Runners here as the netting is very strong wire mesh I put up many years ago.
Another harvest of Rhubarb, this time only 10lb picked. 
I put a 10" ruler in the photo for scale, so you can see how long and thick our Stockbridge Arrow & Victoria Rhubarb is!
But see below for a surprise:
Jo worked hard to weed out lots of Calendulas from this bed, but the Sping Onions, Beetroot & Spinach has survived the take-over by the Calendulas.
There are plenty of flowers on the Strawberries, each one can turn into a juicy fat fruit.
The Broad Beans are doing well and most are in flower, just to the back of this patch Jo planted out a few Courgettes & some more flowers.
Sadly all this good weather has made our path a bit overgrown with grass! 
So I'll have to get the strimmer out very soon. But its good for drying weeds, so a bonfire was had too.
And now for that surprise, the biggest single stalk of Victoria Rhubarb weighed 1lb 3oz (530g)!!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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