Sunday 27 May 2018

Dig, Mow & Dig again

Today we had to start digging over this patch where the main crop Potatoes will go, so Jo started while I cut the grass! 

I took the photo after we had finished for today and we will return tomorrow to dig more!
So using my trusty petrol Strimmer, I got started cutting the grass path that was rather overgrown! 

Doesn't it look better ?
I made sure I pulled up all the Nettles as they will spread if chopped up, I also pulled up all the Dock as the stalks are very woody and strimmer line won't cut it down! 
Anyway Dock has very long taper roots and needs to be pulled out.
So after trimming the grass, I got digging again then earthed up the early Potatoes again. 
Tomorrow we hope to finish enough so we can plant 3 rows of main crop Potatoes, a few weeks later than usual but the weather conditions haven't been good. 
The Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb is still producing, even though we have taken over 40lb, it still looks like there is plenty left, it never stops growing! 

We will return tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday.

Thanks for reading/returning. Jo & Ian

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