Monday 28 May 2018

All in a days work!

So as I said yesterday, we need to get the main crop Potatoes in. 
These are Picasso and have been 'chitting' for ages now and as you can see are ready to go in.
Jo & I got busy and finished digging over this patch ready for the spuds. 

It was a very hot day too and we needed to stop and get in the shade regularly.
As they are main crop spuds, they need to be in rows 30" (75cm) apart, dug a spade deep and with plenty of well rotted manure in the bottom. 
I then placed the tubers in the trench 15" (38cm) apart, then back filled.
I planted 10 in each trench, 3 rows done so far. 
We will plant another 4 rows in a week or so to stagger the harvest.
While I planted spuds, Jo tidied up the Strawberry beds and added straw as the fruit is now forming, she put netting over them too to stop the birds feasting on them!
Another few Rhubarb sticks pulled, to make jam and a crumble with. We have beaten our previous record of the weight of just one stalk, its now 1lb 6oz (previously 1lb 3oz).
We also planted some Sunflowers along the side of the fruit cage, so moved the Scarecrow as one had already been eaten by the Pheasants we think as just the stalk was left & we put crushed egg shell to stop the slugs!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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