Monday, 7 May 2018

Several days work on one Blog

Last Sunday 29th April:  
We checked our plot and things are growing well and we decided to plan what to do next, as the temperature is set to rise and about time too.

So Jo planted lots of Broad Beans in a block to aid growth and pollination.
The 2nd early Kestrel I planted a few weeks ago are poking through. 
The 1st early Pentland Javelin so far havent & I planted them at the same time.
Sunday 6th May:
As you can see the Charlotte 2nd early spuds are ready to go in.
So I planted all 22 of them in 2 rows, using exactly the same planting method as before.
May Bank Holiday Monday
As we have had some very dry days, lots of weeds piled up had dried so I had a bonfire.
Jo dug over this patch next to the Broad Beans planted last w/e and planted even more!
Peas started off in toilet roll tubes finally planted. 
They will climb up these frames I made a few years ago, they are simple wood frames with chicken wire stapled on.
The Kestrel 2nd early Spuds after earthing up for the 1st time. 

We will be checking on these regularly and earthing up when needed. 
Also the Pentland Javelin have finally broken through, so will earth up soon.
The Rhubarb is flourishing and we have had 3 harvests so far. 
The first of the Asparagus, we will enjoy these in an omlette or Risotto.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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