Tuesday 5 June 2012

Busy Bank Holiday

 While Queen Elizabeth was enjoying her 60th anniversary celebrations for being on the throne, I put up some climbing structures and to show you how easy it can be, even ready-made obelisk's can be used if you simply wrap netting around them, I also made 2 bamboo WigWams, 8 x 6ft canes & 8 x 8ft canes then  wrapped in netting. I used a weed suppressing circle of cardboard beneath each too.
We planted:
Climbing French Bean, Blue Lake
Peas, Kelveden Wonder
Mange Tout type Peas, Oregon Sugar Snap.
Just look at what you can grow in less than a sq mtr of raised bed, all these Leeks. They might not be the massive ones I usually grow in open soil/ground, but when thin they are so tender and we had some in a Leek & Cheese Omelet for dinner tonight with added Peas (see below) and made with our own Eggs of course. The rest went into Leek & Potato soup.
Yes, as mentioned the Peas I grew in the Greenhouse over winter a mix of 'Kelvedon Wonder' and 'Feltham First'.
There is noting like shelling your own peas, blanched for 2 mins plunged in cold water, dried, bagged then frozen and ready for any meal.
So a busy Bank Holiday weekend plus 2 Jubilee days, plenty of planting, weeding (do excuse that massive pile in this photo) and harvesting. The Pond in the foreground I put in recently is teaming with Tadpoles some quite large now with signs of the change to Frogs. It would be lovely to have our own Frog colony soon, Slugs beware!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. wow posh supports... puts my wonky hazel poles to shame!

    1. Those metal Obelisk's have been used year after year, the Bamboo one I make each year too, no need to buy new :)

  2. Nice structures, glad to hear you got the work done over the weekend. I've been rained off for the past week, yuk.

  3. Amazing structures! Glad you have peas - mine are looking a bit tiny, not growing well at all.