Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Afternoon Sun

Well it has been a miserable week weather wise, I was last down on Tuesday, but since then rain on and off, cold too.

So today as the Sun finally came out we headed for the Allotment.
1st Job to lift the Garlic, here you can see from left to right:
Eden Rose, Avignon Wight, Bella Italiano.
When we got home I hung them from our clothes airer to dry fully.
As the Broad Beans we transplanted from the Green house had not taken so well, I think the shock of outdoors & the chilly weather didn't help, so we harvested the Beans and composted the foliage.

In the space left I built another cane WigWam but without netting this time. We had some Climbing French Beans, that were started at home but now ready to go in. Luckily 8 made it and my WigWam was made with 8 canes, a circle of weed suppressing cardboard was put in place too.
We also planted out some Runner Beans on the permanent frame, right of the archway in the overall shot of our plot (see below). We always do well with Runner Beans, but have planted later this year as we want these to mature after all the other Beans & Peas we have growing.  
If you remember I was going to use the remainder of the Manure heap to grow something in, well I did just that today.
I boxed off the area loosely with boards & poles, levelled the manure & covered it with weed suppressing mulch fabric, I then cut X slits in the fabric and planted Pumpkins through the fabric & watered in well. The Manure beneath will feed these well.
Todays Harvest:
Charlotte Potatoes (the 1st dug up this year)
Broad Beans ( the last of the Greenhouse crop)
Strawberries (just a few, an explosion of taste you don't get from shop bought fruit )
Sweet Pea Flowers too (always nice to have fresh cut flowers)
So all in all a busy 3 hours on the plot this afternoon.

The Chickens came with us again, they love scratching around the safety of the fruit cage, searching out insects and worms. They really get excited when they know a trip to the Allotment is on.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian. 


  1. its all looking lovely there...
    and what a great garlic harvest!

  2. Your garlic looks fab - I had to pull mine up early and they look like spring onions but according to twitter folk I can still use them. Good Work matey x

    1. Same here, some of ours are marble size, but still can be used whole in stews and casseroles :)