Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunny Sunday

Lovely sunny Sunday and a perfect day to do some harvesting & planting.

I noticed the Red Onions looked like they were ready to be lifted, also as we have had quite alot of rain I didn't want to risk leaving them in too long for fear of rotting, see below for a better photo.

As I lifted the Onions I also weeded the patch ready for the next crop, probably Spinach. 
I mentioned 'Root Trainers' a few weeks ago, so here are some that I have had Peas growing in, as you can see the roots have grown well in them, we have a set of 8 so get 32 plants growing at a time. The Peas 'Onward' have been transferred into the ground to grow up 20" (50cm) high netting.
Here are the Red Onions dug up today, sadly we cant remember what variety they are, but as you can see, now they are cleaned up and roots trimmed off they look rather good, the large one bottom right measures approx 15" (38cm) circumference and is a Whopper!
So a really productive day, I also noticed the Charlotte 2nd early spuds were in flower, so had a feel in the soil but only detected smallish tubers, so will leave them a bit longer.
Also did a bit of Harvesting:
Rhubarb, both 'Stockbridge Arrow' for Puddings and 'Victoria' for Wine Making.
Kale, Garlic & the last of the Greenhouse Broad Beans.
In the space left by the broad beans we put 2 more Tomatoes in so we now have 5 growing, the greenhouse shading also went up.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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  1. Nice batch of Onions, glad to hear you have had some sun. Sunny Somerset isn't.