Saturday, 2 June 2012

Busy June day Planting & Harvesting

 So June arrives and the weather is not summer like.
But planting still had to be done, first I leveled the soil, then added some lime (as Brassicas prefer limed soil) then planted out Kale, Cauliflower and some more Pak Choi. I protected the young shoots with wire netting tunnels, when they get bigger will make larger netting protection. Also moved the Broad Beans from the greenhouse and planted them out too, more about that below. 
Where the manure was stored last year, I leveled the soil, mixed in the last of the manure and planted out 18 Sweetcorn that were started in the greenhouse at home, we put them in a cold frame for a week before planting out on the Allotment though.
Planted in block form, 3 rows with 6 in each, this aids wind pollination.
Here are the last of the Peas that were growing in the Greenhouse since last winter, also moved the younger Broad Beans as we need the space for Tomatoes now, so as the Peas were finished timing was just right. But a massive crop has been harvested, will grow under glass again. 
Here is a high level shot of our plot, I stood on top of a pile of pallets to get this shot. The pallets will be a new fence one day soon.
Foreground right, The main crop Cara spuds. 
Left the Brassicas put in today, beyond the Leeks, Onions and Worzel Jnr the Scarcrow. 
So a very productive day, the weather forecast said it would be dry, but we did have a few very light showers, didn't stop us.
But tomorrow, Sunday when HM Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, the weather is forecast to be very wet, good for our crops but not for Her Majesty.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.   


  1. it's all looking very weed free! i wished mine did.

    1. That's because I've been busy weeding over the past few weeks :)

  2. its all looking very tidy!
    your peas under glass... was that a heated or unheated greenhouse through winter? interested as we adore fresh peas!

    love the high up pictures of the plot!

    1. Thank you, no the Peas were grown on in an unheated Greenhouse. Just an experiment actually, but will certainly do it again as the Greenhouse is normally empty over winter, good use of vacant space too.