Sunday, 24 June 2012

A break in the weather

It's been a mixed week of weather, mostly wet though and very windy. 
I checked the White Onions earlier in the week and they looked a bit water logged so decided to lift them. After cleaning them up they look fine, in fact only one was a bit soft, so I composted it.
Anyway, today turned out rather nice, the sun came out  too. So we managed to get quite a lot done in the afternoon today.
I planted two Courgettes into the old Compost Bin I tidied up earlier in the month. Four more Courgettes were planted out where the Garlic was, I say the same every year 'why do we need so many Courgette plants !'
I finally got round to weeding the late Onions again, 'Autumn Gold' and 'Stuttgarter Stanfield' I planted out in March. They are getting bigger and will benefit from not competing with the weeds!
Anyway, lots more harvested this week: 
The 1st Strawberries
A few Raspberries
More Charlotte Potatoes
Broad Beans
Even more Rhubarb.

We had the Rhubarb and Raspberries as a crumble with Ice Cream for dinner tonight.  
The weather forecast is for fine weather for most of next week, so hope to get to the plot more often. 
There is plenty of weeding to be done, as the wet weather we have had has boosted the weeds, what we need now is warmth, that too is forecast but for how long?

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Your harvest is very impressive! All my strawberries are still green!
    I have a great recipe for courgette chutney on my blog if your stuck with ideas of what to do with your 101 courgettes that will be sure to grow.

    1. HaHa I might just visit your Blog, but we do have that famous book 'What am I going to do with all these Courgettes' LoL

  2. I'm just as terrible with courgettes and have held myself back this year by only planting two. I really hope that both of them make it (who am I kidding? Courgettes always manage to pull through ;)

    Lovely shots of your recent harvest and allotment - I'm inspired to get up and do some work at my own plot today :)

    1. Thank you, well done for only planting 2 Courgette! You must get the book 'What will I do with all those Courgettes' Elaine Borish ISBN 0952488159 :)

  3. i envy your onions!
    need a bigger allotment to be able to grow all i want to!
    [and i only planted two courgette plants this year!]

    1. Thank you, well done for only planting 2 Courgettes LoL Have you got the book 'What will I do with all those Courgettes' by Elaine Borish ISBN 0952488159 :)