Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer has arrived, briefly.

Such a hot sunny day and I decide to do some weeding!

But first I planted out some Lettuce plants we got FREE from a local small plant nursery (I think they planted too many) so I put them in the trench between the Asparagus, which is still sending up spears, we are harvesting about 5 twice a week.
Here you can see the autumn planted Onions that we expect to harvest soon, they are getting quite a size now after all the rain then sun we have had, perfect growing conditions. Beyond the Onions are the 1st & 2nd early Potatoes, Rocket and Charlotte, they have survived the cold nights and have put on extra growth, so maybe we will be harvesting in late June as planned.
Anyway, talking of perfect growing conditions, the weeds have also taken advantage of rain and sun and taken over rather a lot.
So most urgent to be weeded were the Onions planted this spring, but as you can see they look better now. I also weeded the strip of soil between the Onions & the Parsnips (far left of photo) we might need that space for any remaining crops we cant fit in anywhere else.
Here is a close up of one of the autumn planted Red Onions, this one already measures about 4" across, the leaves show no sign of wilting just yet so there is time for it to swell even more, will have to weigh this one when I do harvest it.
Anyway, it was certainly a scorcher today I think it might have hit 29 deg C, but because there is little shade on our plot, only at the gate end and a little cooling breeze, but after 2pm as the sun moves round that shade disappears, so I didn't stay much after that time, but did manage to do what I planned to do (weeding!).

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian. 


  1. These pics look really fab!

    Could you take a close up of your asparagus & put it up here? We've got some that is 5 years old now, but we transplanted in December because we moved areas. I'd love to see what to look forward to, and guessing it'll be next year at the earliest for us to harvest anything.

    1. ooh sorry, just seen your message & visited allotment today, but our Asparagus is almost finished (short season) but if you look back through my Blog you should see some photos.