Sunday 20 May 2012

First signs of Summer ?

Well the weather forecast was right, the sun came out.

So I made a frame of Bamboo & Pea Netting and we planted out the Mange Tout that we had started out at home in root-trainers and toilet roll tubes. If you look closely, you will see a length of cardboard held down with bricks, this suppresses the weeds, which would be hard to get at when the Mange Tout are fully grown and laden with pods.
We also planted out some Mixed Sweet Peas, each side of the archway. 
I wonder if they will meet at the top and make a floral arch.
We grow Sweet Peas every year, they are a great cut and come again flower the Bees love them too. 
I have been busy during the week, weeding and digging over the last patch of soil, in readiness for planting out.
We still have Sweetcorn and Brasicas waiting to go in, also Pumpkins which we will plant in the remnants of the  manure pile and in the old compost bin, cleared out a few weeks ago.
Our  Chickens, Maude, Peggy and Hetty are having a well earned rest after pecking around the Fruit Cage, they love their day trips to the Allotment, you can see the excitement in their actions, when the transport boxes comes out.

So a very productive afternoon. I removed the fleece from the Peas put in last week as the weather forecast said we were to expect higher temps, could even reach 22 degrees, summer has arrived!
You might have noticed an addition to the Allotment, 'Worzel Jnr' the Scarecrow, in a fetching checked shirt & matching red cap.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. Yes Summer at last. Good idea with the cardboard as a weed stopper. Good luck with the Sweetcorn mines planted out but its still under plastic bottles due to the low night time temperatures.

  2. I also do the pop bottle cloches for my sweetcorn - very effective!

    Look ing good on the plot!