Saturday 5 May 2012

1st Blog of May

 Has been a busy week, done lots of Weeding, we have planted flowers & veg too.

Mown the paths with my Strimmer and burnt most of the weeds in the incinerator bin. 
This is the before photo, see below for the after pic. 
On a narrow strip of soil, weeded & leveled, planted out two lots of Peas, 'Feltham First' & 'Kelvedon Wonder' have used some stiff netting as supports, then covered with a tent of Fleece to protect from dropping over night temps (see below).
Has been a good week for harvests, just today have picked: 
Rhubarb (2 varieties Stockbridge Arrow & Victoria) in the photo is approx 3lb of mixed Rhubarb, I'm going to make Wine out of it for Christmas.  
So a productive week, have had some very chilly nights, the 1st early Spuds (Rocket) have been affected, but hope they will recover as I have earthed them up again. The white tent you can see are the Peas put in today, the Fleece will protect them until stronger & frost less likely.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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  1. wow busy!
    have been earthing up potatoes too, my peas are also well wrapped up against the cold but seem to be doing ok... love looking at the pictures of your allotment, thank you!