Saturday 21 April 2012

Super Saturday

Well despite the forecast of rain showers, we risked a trip to the Allotment and the sun came out.

First job to do: Protect the Carrots that are growing, from the dreaded Carrot Root Fly, with a fleece tunnel.
I used 3/4" Water Pipe for the hoops, available from B&Q (UK only) in 20mtrs lengths, cut into 60" (1.5mtr) lengths and covered with 'Super Fleece' which is pegged down all round, to keep those pesky flies out.
Chicken  News:
We had some sad news this week, Betty Chicken who was poorly last weekend didn't make it, she slipped away on Monday. But as we have always said, we are glad to have given our Chickens a lovely life out of Battery Hell.
The remaining three, Hetty, Peggy & Maud are fighting fit and as you can see here are still busy pecking around the Fruit Cage on the Allotment, their treat for the week.
Other jobs done:
Weeded the Autumn Onions, Summer Leeks & Broad Beans.

Sowed some Asparagus Pea seeds, not a variety we have grown before so looking forward to trying them.

Also I moved some Strawberry plants, to a new raised planter, will Blog about those soon.
This week we've harvested even more, as you can see from this haul:
and Chives

All to be used in the forthcoming  meals.  
So as I said, a lovely almost summers day today, just a bit cooler than it looks, but I still managed to have a Bonfire, by the time I took this photo it had burnt down and stopped smoking, but burnt all the weeds that had been pulled up over the week & from today's weeding too (see above).

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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