Tuesday 24 April 2012

A busy few hours today

Was a lovely sunny day today, so what better than to work on the Allotment.
Weeded and Earthed up the early Potatoes 'Rocket' for the 2nd time. 100% success too as all 40 have sprouted. 
But the 'Charlotte' 2nd early Spuds have still to break through, but as I planted them over 3 weeks ago I expect them to break through very soon.
Did some general weeding too, the Rats Tails, also called Mares Tails, are coming up again, we did get them under control a few years ago, but are creeping in again from next doors plot, as the owner hasn't been down much lately due to ill health.  

Another job I have been putting off, but important was to tie up the Raspberry canes to the support wires, if I had left it any longer would have been very difficult as they are in full leaf now and buds are forming, didn't want to knock any off.
We have two varieties growing, early and late fruiting, both are in leaf so expect the fruit to set any time soon, that will keep us in fruit for months, not to mention the Black and Red Currants, Blueberries & Rhubarb. The Apple trees I planted in November last year are in leaf again now, so we might get a few apples this year, but more each year as they grow.

Did a bit more work on the, old Bath Pond, as you can see its wider now, as I have built up the sides under the pond liner, to give gently sloping sides, so Frogs can easily get out to search for Slugs. Added stones around the edge and will plant some marginal plants too soon. The Tadpoles are very active now the water is warmer, expect them to change into Froglets soon. The rain expected over the next few days will top the pond up and maybe overflow, but that water will soak away onto the soil, so not wasted.
So as I said, a busy few hours and I did get a lot done, including watering the Greenhouse, picking greens and Dandelions for the Chickens usual juicy treat. They are getting over missing Betty too, seems odd now shes gone.
Rain is forecast for the next few days so I was glad to get the rain barrel fitted in time to harvest all that rain.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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  1. Lovely to see your allotment!
    I have been earthing up potatoes today too.... but in the rain,
    however the rain is making everything grow very fast so is a good thing, my charlottes have just started showing here, and they were the first of the varieties I planted that are showing so I have my fingers crossed for the rest!